Information for Oral Presentation


Quick Guideline

Presentation type:

Oral talk – live presentation

Presentation language:


Presentation time:

15 min overall (12min presentation + 3 min Q&A)

What you need to prepare and provide in advance of the conference

Slide Presentation:

as pdf or PowerPoint file – ratio 16:9

Video Presentation:

as MP4 video – ratio 16:9, full HD (1920×1080 px)

Submission Deadline:

72 h before your session starts (pptx-file and mp4-file)

Access your Live Presentation Room


The registration for the conference is mandatory !!!


Menu “My live presentation” and click on “enter room” of your session/presentation

Be on time:

Please join the session room at least 15 min before your session starts

Detailed Instructions and Information


By submitting your contribution, you accept the publication of your material in the context of the NRM 2021 conference. Slide presentations are available only to registered participants of the virtual conference as PDF downloads. The availability of your slides for download is optional. However, we record all sessions and add them later as session video in the online program for viewing for a short period of time, including after the event. Video presentations are protected from download, as well as from access via foreign domains and can only be accessed from the secured conference platform.

Preparation of your presentation

Slide presentation

Please prepare your talk as PowerPoint slides or as PDF slides as the basis of your presentation. The presentations must be in English. Your PowerPoint/PDF presentation should be prepared in 16:9 aspect ratio and should not exceed the maximum size of 200 MB. PowerPoint provides on-board tools to convert your PowerPoint file into a PDF.

Video presentation

Since we are running a virtual conference this year, all authors are required to make use of electronic presentations AND in addition to provide a recorded video from your talk as a backup. Please record your created presentation as a video in advance of the event. Your pre-recorded, submitted presentation will serve as a backup should unforeseen events prevent you from presenting your presentation live. If not present, we will play your uploaded video presentation or can be used to show the slides if there is any problem in doing by yourself.


You should record your presentation with sound and if possible, a picture-in-picture inset of you speaking. This is an excellent opportunity to make the presentation more personal and attractive for the participants. You may use virtual laser pointers or highlight text passages to draw attention to certain areas of your slide while you speak. Each talk (with the exception of plenary talks) is allocated 15 minutes in total: 12 minutes of presentation time followed by 3 minutes of questions & answers. Please prepare your presentation accordingly to strictly adhere to these time limits. Presentations longer than this limit will be truncated.

Your produced video should meet the following criteria:


1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD, 1080p)


1 GB (max.)

File format:



The time slots are scheduled with 12 minutes of presentation time and 3 minutes for Q&A. Please check the online program for more information



Recording your presentation with PowerPoint (Windows)

PowerPoint already provides suitable tools for recording. You can find instructions on how to proceed with recording divided by the PowerPoint version you are using (Office 365, 2010, 2013 – 2019, macOS) at the following link:

Record a slide show with narration and slide timings


Once you have added an audio track to your presentation, export your presentation as an mp4 video file as described in the following links:

Turn your presentation into a video – When exporting, select the “Presentation quality” option 1920×1080 pixels (Full HD, 1080p)

Recording your presentation with Keynote (macOS)

If you use Keynote as a presentation program, you can find instructions on how to record your presentation with Keynote (MacOS) behind the following link:

Record Keynote presentations on Mac

Follow the link below and you will learn how to export your recorded Keynote presentation to a mp4 video file: Export as *.mp4 files under macOS

Alternative recording option

As an alternative to the PowerPoint on-board tools, or in case you use a program other than PowerPoint to produce your presentations, you can also use freely available add-on programs such as OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to create your video presentation. These are very intuitive to use and also produce high quality presentation videos (Download Link OBS Software).

For this purpose, we recommend a video tutorial that explains how to perform a screen capture including webcam on your device with OBS.

Submission of your presentations (slides & video)

The deadline for the upload of your presentations is December 10, 2021 (EST)

Please submit your video presentation together with your slide presentation electronically.
Uploaded PowerPoint presentations are converted to PDF format and all animations may be lost. We recommend to convert your pptx presentation into a high-resolution pdf file on your own before you upload your slide presentation.


Please log in to the Conference System with the data used when submitting your contribution at Link to Conference System. The upload for slide presentations and video presentations will be activated from November 28, 2021.

After you have logged in successfully, the “Upload” link in the menu bar will take you to the upload form of your contribution. The upload itself is self-explanatory. If you want to change an already uploaded file, please repeat the upload with a more recent file version. The newer file replaces the existing version. If the upload fails for whatever reason, please send us your file(s) via WeTransfer ( ). In doing so, address/send your transfer to  and leave a note in the comments field with your name, email address and title of your contribution so that we can match your presentation(s).  

Briefing and Training

In order to ensure a smooth process during the sessions, we offer for those who are not quite familiar with the ZOOM tool a speaker briefing from 07.-09. December 2021.
On the one hand, your computer technology will be checked for compatibility, and on the other hand, we will give you a short introduction to the video meeting system (zoom) used. 

Please Book your briefing time slot (20 minutes) under:

Technical requirements

Internet connection

A stable internet connection is required. The bandwidth should be at least 10 MBit/s for download and 2 Mbit/s for upload. If possible, please use a wired internet connection (LAN) on your end device. An internet connection via W-LAN should be avoided.


We recommend the use of an up-to-date browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome. Please make sure that these are updated (available updates are installed). If none of the listed browsers are installed, we ask you to install one of the variants in advance. Please be aware that Safari will not work properly for this virtual conference. Please use one of below:
Download Link Firefox:
Download link Google Chrome browser:   


Webcam: This should be functional as a separate optical recording device, or integrated into the end device.
Microphone: The use of a headset connected to your end device is recommended. Alternatively, a solution consisting of microphone and loudspeakers integrated in the end device can be used (not recommended). 

Please check your technical devices in advance for image and sound quality and familiarize yourself with the operation of the equipment and devices.

Zoom account (optional)

All live presentations will be processed via the ZOOM video platform. If you do not already have a ZOOM account, please register for a “free registration” on the website This will speed up the login process prior to the event and briefing.

The day of your live presentation

Well before the start of the event, you will receive your access data to the virtual conference platform by e-mail. We kindly ask you to log in to the virtual waiting area at least 15 minutes before the start of your presentation. Further instructions will be sent.

Best practice / checklist for your live presentation

  • Webcam and microphone are switched on at your device
  • A contact person is available in the waiting area to answer any technical questions you may have
  • In the waiting area you will see the other presenters and you can follow the contributions of the current presenters of this session
  • Please ensure a distraction-free environment during your presentation, put your phone on silent, close applications you do not need and your email inbox
  • We ask that you mute your microphone at the end of your time slot, after the session chair says so.

Your presentation

Your presentation will usually be announced by the session chair. The technical support releases your screen and you can start your presentation. From now on, you are visible and audible for the auditorium. Participants can ask questions about your presentation in writing via the chat module, the Q&A module or directly. These should be answered directly by you live, depending on the leftover time. We ask that you mute the microphone after you are finished.

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